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Theatre credits
(date / role / production / director / company / location)

2022: Red, Responsibility, Jeremy Chevillotte, Directors Cut Theatre Company, Southwark Playhouse, London

2019: Nina Boyle, Policing Women, Grace Wessels, Glass Splinters, Pleasance Theatre, London

2019: Dr Salvadore, She’s Not There, Dan Dawes, BITS, White Bear Theatre, London

2017: Cindy, The Ticket Barrier, Rachel Creeger, Tooting Productions, Stockwell Playhouse, London
2016: Mother,
The Empire Builders, Jonathan Brandt, Toi Toi Theatre, Hen & Chickens, London

2016: Florrie, Skin, Scott Hurran, Sheer Height Theatre, Park Theatre, London

2016: Louise, Dinosaur Dreams, Will Adolphy, Flux Theatre, Ectetera Theatre, London

2016: Viv, Norfolk, Rosa Crompton, Sheer Height Theatre, Arcola, London

2016: 2 monologues + 1 intro + ensemble, The Vagina Monologues, Milla Jackson, Goblin Baby Theatre Co., Bread & Roses Theatre, London

2015: Sarah, More Than This, Lara Wilks Sloan, Two Ladies Theatre Co, Bread & Roses, London

2015: Mayor Buttons, The Crooked Fork, Katerina Konstantopoulou, Talos Science Fiction Festival, Chelsea Theatre, London

2015: Mme Zeddmore, The Mesmer, Daniel Collard, Kimbo Theatre, Dirty Dicks Vault, London

2015: Bassanio, The Merchant of Venice, Simon Trinder, ICAT, Swan Theatre, Stratford

2015: Mrs Zizou, No White Mongoose for Wilma, Dimitry Devdariani, DoesGood Theatre, Etcetera Theatre, London

2014: Diane, Father, Milla Jackson, Ghost Dog Productions, Horse & Stables, London

2014: Alice/Mother, Blue Heart, Anna Jones, LSDA, Mountbatten Theatre, London

2013: Nurse, Romeo and Juliet, Bryn Williams, Geboo Productions, Leicester Square Theatre, London

2012: Karen, In A Moment, Julia Bolden, WriteOn, ADC Theatre, Cambridge

2011: Julie, Autumn Leaves, Noel LeBon, CPTP, Barons Court Theatre, London

2011: Josephine von Klibbentrop, Ways and Means, Ed Allenby, Le Nouveau Guignol, Old Red Lion Theatre, London

2011: Nurse, The Final Kiss, Mark Denham, Le Nouveau Guignol, Old Red Lion Theatre, London

2010: Vi, The Memory of Water, Brendan Jones, Four Eyes + the Peach, Ye Olde Rose + Crown, London

2010: Mme de Merliot, Ticks, Or Doing the DeedRachel Ryder, Le Nouveau Guignol, Old Red Lion Theatre, London

2009: Lady Markby, An Ideal Husband, Zoe Hart, Network Theatre Company, London

2005: Mother, Blood Wedding, Susie Clare, CPTP, Barons Court Theatre, London

2005: Barbara, The Empty Chair, Rachel GoldsmithCPTP at Edinburgh Festival, Greyfriars Kirk House, Edinburgh


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