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~ NEWS 2021 ~

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At N1 we had a talk and Q&A with Jessica Jefferies, CD specialising in mo cap. She gave us a fascinating insight to the industry. And I really enjoyed webinars and workshops at the Actors Centre's 'Voiceover Week'. Meanwhile, the first N1 playreading of the year was Tom Stoppard's Arcadia - interesting writing and fun to do.

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Click on Martin Rowson's cartoon above to hear me voicing A Boiling Lake. I recorded this as one of the tracks in the final installment of the Plague Songs project, launched on
5 Feb as Plague Songs: The New Museum of Shit. Publicity has included a slot on the BBC Radio Wales Review Show - they loved it! 

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MARCH 2021

This month I've had two auditions - one in the form of a self-tape (see still above) and one as a zoom meeting. Really pleased that things are starting to pick up again in the performance world. It's going to take a while, of course, but amazing efforts are being made to get things back on their feet.

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APRIL 2021

Last month's zoom audition led to a recall in an actual theatre! Impossible to describe the excitement felt by all (director, writer, potenial cast) as we met in the auditorium of The Space for auditions for a festival of new writing. I didn't get the role (they decided on a different demographic), but it was a total joy to be 'in the room' again.


MAY 2021

Being represented by N1 presents fab challenges - this month an entirely different self-tape request came my way. For this gender blind, military theatre role, I was off-book with a long monologue (and I happened to have fatigues in my costume collection!). Self-tapes can be a technical hassle, but I was pleased with the lighting, as seen here.

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JUNE 2021

Filming work for Christmas has started - see above still from a self-tape for a Christmas commercial! Meanwhile, last month's military self-tape led to a recall in an actual theatre, for the 2nd time in just a few weeks. This time it was at the NT - got through 3 rounds, but didn't quite make the final cut. Fantastic to be there, and met some fab people

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JULY 2021

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Cast in three play readings: Mouth-piece with Siberian Lights, and King John and Gogol's Marriage with N1. The pic is the N1 crowd after the epic King John. And N1 launched a major inclusivity initiative this month - with an intro session (led by a speaker from Inclusive Employers) about the progression from equality to diversity to inclusivity.

I have shiny new business cards! My website address needed updating, and this time around I've also included NorthOne contact details. The plan is to use them for both personal networking and work done on behalf of N1.

Took part (in person!) in a Playdate session at The Space theatre, fasciliated by AD Adam Hemmings. Was delighted to discover one of my fellow actors was an actor I knew well, and was equally delighted to meet new folk. Great way to discover scripts that were new to me.

MH SPB in action.jpg


It was all about pumpkins this month! Firstly I was off to Leamington Spa to play a sinister village character in new film Pumpkin, to be released in 2022 (see on-set photo, starring said pumpkins). And then I enjoyed being back at the Phoenix for a Halloween Liars League special, reading a quirky story by Hannah Hoare, entitled The Pumpkin and the Vampire.

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We had two online N1 workshops this month: one on Gravitas – thinking about poise, vocal energy etc. – and one on Accents. For this we each performed a piece in an accent cited on our Spotlight profiles and then gave honest feedback to each other; it was really useful (and fun).

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We at N1 had our Christmas party for the 2nd year running on zoom - with Xmas costumes, quizes, games and lots of laughs. An actor's life can be a lonely one, especially during a pandemic, so being part of the N1 gang has never been more appreciated. Here's to a better 2022!

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