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~ NEWS 2018 ~



Happy New Year! I've just signed up for an American accents course at City Lit. Meanwhile, planning is now underway for next month's Page to Stage. For current news (e.g. call-outs for writers, directors and actors), join the Facebook group or follow the posts here.



Having had an amazing number of scripts submitted for this month's Page to Stage, it was a challenge choosing four. And on the night, I was so grateful to all those involved, with everyone working hard to create a fab evening. Much fun had by all. 


MARCH 2018

Busy with auditions and quite a few workshops this month - including an all-day workshop with Finnian Tweed (casting director), organised by N1.

It was great to work with fellow N1 members. I also enjoyed another 2-day Scaffold Shakespeare workshop, this time working on Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 15.52.01.png

APRIL 2018

Read two pieces in Liars League event 'small + beautiful', an evening of actors reading quirky mini stories. And loved doing more Scaffold Shakespeare workshops this month: Henry IV Part I and Comedy of Errors. Great fun cold-reading them, followed by discussing / workshopping various themes.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 22.39.23.png

MAY 2018

Began the month with 2 office days at N1, and then off to Scotland for 2 weeks holiday (walking entire length

of Hadrian's Wall – amazing!). Back in London, there was lots to organise for the June Page to Stage, from casting to appointing directors to briefing the panel to designing the programme.


JUNE 2018

Pic: filming a scene to add to my showreel. And really enjoyed an all-day workshop with CD Lucy Jenkins, 

organised by me on behalf of N1. Also on behalf of N1, I went to various drama school showcases - we're on the look-out for talent we can represent well! And we had a lovely (air conditioned) June Page to Stage. 

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 15.42.52.png

JULY 2018

It was an honour to perform in Sunday's Child, a powerful new play with Mad'Ed Theatre about the impact of Clause 28. If you were around in the '80s the memories come flooding back; if you weren't you'll be stunned by what some people believed were acceptable attitudes back then. 



The perfect month to get my stuff together. Filmed another scene to update my showreel, recorded some new v/o tracks for my voicereel, and booked in new headshots with Nicholas Dawkes. No-one I know enjoys getting headshots done, but Nic comes highly recommended. 



To my surprise, I enjoyed my headshot photo shoot with Nic Dawkes. He made it fun, and was really creative. Would happily recommend him to anyone nervous about getting theirs done. Here's my final selection. Meanwhile the September Page to Stage was another excellent evening.



Thrilled to have a newly cut showreel, and to add some great new tracks to my voice reel. And I had a great time performing again with Liars League - reading the twisted tale Another Mother by Michael Harris Cohen. 



Organising and hosting this month's Page to Stage once again went very well - with four great scripts, a fab team of directors and writers, a wise and generous industry panel, and a lively, engaged audience.  



Organised by my Equity branch, I did a really interesting CD workshop this month with Aisha Bywaters. And as it was my turn to chair the monthly N1  meeting – in our fab new office – it was also my job to organise Xmas

drinkies at a local pub. No problem!

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