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Film credits
(date / role / production / director / company / location)

2022: Linda, Loneliness, Andrew Greener, Maia Films, London

2022: Debbie, Stolen Island, Sishan Chen, Goldsmith MA Filmakers, London

2021: Marj, Pumpkin, Frankie Meredith, Maple Road Productions, Leamington Spa

2017: Ear doctor, Doctaly, Doubleshot, Ed Thomas, London

2011: Martha, Protocol 5, Toby Stubbs, Devlin14 Films, Hertfordshire

2010: Lisa Goodman, Enough, Tim Mein, Barford Productions, London
2009: Angela,
Wave of Life, Adam Grierson, Clone Wolf Productions, Oxford

2008: Lady Constance, Suffrage, Tilly Holton, Staffordshire Uni, Stafford

2008: Rose, The Capital, Eddie King, 5V2 Films Ltd, London

2008: Margaret Wilton, The Secrets of CEOs, Ben Hilton, Low Fat Films, London

2007: MP, I Don't Need This, Gavin Campbell, Freewill Productions, London

2006: Melanie, Breathing In, Oliver Goodrum, Facefilms, St Albans


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