~ NEWS 2021 ~

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At N1 we had a talk and Q&A with Jessica Jefferies, CD specialising in mo cap. She gave us a fascinating insight to the industry. And I really enjoyed webinars and workshops at the Actors Centre's 'Voiceover Week'. Meanwhile, the first N1 playreading of the year was Tom Stoppard's Arcadia - interesting writing and fun to do.

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Click on Martin Rowson's cartoon above to hear me voicing A Boiling Lake. I recorded this as one of the tracks in the final installment of the Plague Songs project, launched on
5 Feb as Plague Songs: The New Museum of Shit. Publicity has included a slot on the BBC Radio Wales Review Show - they loved it! 

MARCH 2021

This month I have had two auditions - one in the form of a self-tape (see still above) and one as a zoom meeting. Really pleased that things are starting to pick up again in the performance world. It's going to take a while, of course, but amazing efforts are being made to get things back on their feet.