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Was delighted to take part in N1's first playreading of the year: Howard Barker's Scenes From an Execution. Great multi-rolling opportunity for me, playing very different parts (Man with Crossbow Bolt in Head, the Admiral and Lawyer) – brilliant fun!

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My first acting work of the year! For Gallantium, an organisation promoting mental wellness in the workplace, I played Linda, Insurance Renewals Underwriter, in a film on how busy working people struggled with loneliness during the pandemic. It was a priviledge to be part of this project (and great to be back on set).

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MARCH 2022

Loved this rehearsed reading at Southwark Playhouse, Do Mice Like Cheese? by Mark Daniels, as part of the Directors Cut Theatre evening 'Write to Right' for new writers. I'm playing the BBC (next to me is Channel 4!). I also greatly enjoyed Gagged by Giles Fernando, in which I played a smarmy NHS spokesperson.


APRIL 2022

Enjoyed working on and performing Awkward by Kate Danley - part of an evening of short plays at the Calder Theatre, organised by Directors' Cut. Also had fun at this month's N1 playreading, in Caryl Churchill's enigmatic Escaped Alone. 

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MAY 2022

Had two self-tape auditions this month, both comedy - one for a new play premiering at the Chichester Festival Theatre and one for a new TV series. Had a recall in person for the play, which was great. Didn't get the role but was delighted to be on the radar of a CD I highly respect.

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JUNE 2022

On behalf of N1 I gave two presentations to drama schools this month. It was great to talk to the students about possible agent options and to explain how co-operative agencies work. At both drama schools, the tutors were very much in favour of co-ops as a career choice, which was really good to see.

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JULY 2022

I was invited to audition for Art from the Heart, an evening of new writing produced by the Director's Cut Theatre Co. From a wide-ranging selection of scripts, I chose a duologue by Pete Talmann, entitled Responsibility. I was attracted by the fact that the roles were entirely free of any baggage associated with gender - a complete blank canvas to play with. And I got the part!



Here's a cast photo from Art from the Heart (see July post for further details). Having spent much of the day running lines, followed by tech and full run-through, we then had an amazing show with a fantastically responsive audience. It was a  pleasure to work with such a fun gang, and many conversations were begun about future collaboration.

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