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Rehearsed readings
(date / role / production / director / company / location)

2022: BBC, Do Mice Like Cheese, Kait Feeney, Director's Cut Theatre Co., Southwark Playhouse, London

2021: Reader, The Pumpkin and the Vampire, Liars League, Phoenix, London

2020: University lecturer / Trace / Grandma, Play Club 2020: The Selections (6 winning plays), London Playwrights, online

2020: Morgan, If Wishes Were Horses, It Would Beggar Belief, Julia Bolden, The Playwriting Collective, online

2020: James Loveless/Rev'd Warren/Defence lawyer, The Watchword Liberty, Su Gilroy, London Equity branches, online

2020: Reader, Quintet, Liars League, online

2019: Reader, Ray, Liars League, Phoenix, London

2019: Julia Johnstone, The Ever Shorter Arm of the Law, Stitchin' Fiction, Theatre Deli
2018: Reader,
Another MotherLiars League, Phoenix, London

2018: Therapist, Intelligent, Su Gilroy, Page to Stage, The Horse & Stables, London

2018: Reader, Lighter than Air and MuggedLiars League, Phoenix, London

2017: Reader, excerpts from new book Decadence (published by British Library), Lost Tuesday Society

2017: Reader, Colloquium ad AbsurdumLiars League, Phoenix, London

2016: Reader, two stories from new book The Haunted Library (published by British Library), Waterstones Picadilly 

2016: Reader, Love and Hair, winning story at Willesden Herald International Short Story Awards, Willesden Green Library

2016: Dawn, The High Seas, Rebecca Manson Jones, Richmond Festival, London

2016: Reader, Judgement DayLiars League, Phoenix, London

2016: Reader, Fifteen, Liars League, Phoenix, London (100th Liars League event)

2016: Reader, The Lost Species (inspired by Henri Rousseau painting), Liars League event at The National Gallery, London 

2015: Police Officer, Being John Barrowman, Kasia Rózycki, Goblin Baby Theatre Co, Bread & Roses Theatre

2015: Angie, Fifty Foot Queens / Lucy, Bully / Carolyn, Nothing + Nothingness, Guleraana Mir, London Playwriting Lab Results Show, The White Hart, London

2015: Reader, Research FailureLiars League, Phoenix, London

2015: Dee, Doe, Laura Kurlansky, Goblin Baby Theatre Co, Bread & Roses Theatre

2014: Reader, Vice and VirtueLiars League, Phoenix, London

2014: Reader, At the Bottom of the Sea of TroublesLiars League, Phoenix, London

2014: Reader, Kitty and PussyLiars League, Phoenix, London

2012: Reader, The Greatest Breakfast in the World, Liars League, Phoenix, London

2012: Ruth, The Writers Group, Tom Jensen, AWL, London

2013: Reader, The Bird MachineLiars League, Phoenix, London

2012: Reader, Law and OrderLiars League, Phoenix, London

2010: Rachel, American Express, Gabriel Kemlo, Camden People's Theatre, London

2010: WPC Chandler, La Croissanterie, Susan Shemtob, AWL, London

2010: Miss Thatterwaite, Taking Liberties, Jane Walker, AWL, London

2009: Heath, Still Life, Page to Stage, Jackson's Lane, London 


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