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~ NEWS 2015 ~

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Pic: Performing as Mrs Zizou in No White Mongoose for Wilma, a surrealist play about the Victorian desire to eat increasingly exotic animals. Meanwhile, successfully auditioned for two February shows:

The Mesmer (part of KimBo Theatre's event 'See Through: A Night of Ghostly Terrors') and Doe, for the Unheard Festival (new writing on themes of sexual abuse + violence).

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Doe: Packed audience for rehearsed reading Doe, at the Unheard Festival.
I played Dee, abused and caught in a catch-22 scenario. The Mesmer: lengthy almost monologic script centred around Mme Zedmore, a Victorian spiritualist with dark intentions. Learnt in a handful of days, and performed on 2 nights to fantastic audiences. Loved doing it!

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MARCH 2015

Attended the Castathon at the Actors Centre – 10 mins to talk to the CDs of your choice. Had some good discussions (plus conflicting advice, as ever!). Did more v/o work: voicing animated demos for Cisco (clearly (explaining technological concepts). Really enjoyed another Scaffold Shakespeare workshop, doing Measure for Measure. And we had a great Page to Stage this month. 

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MAY 2015

Attended the first ever live event presented by Samuel French Ltd. – an excellent talk by CD Richard Evans entitled 'The Things They Don't Teach You In Drama School'. This 2-hour interactive workshop took place at Charing Cross Theatre, and was absolutely packed. And we had another great Page to Stage.

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JUNE 2015

The month began with more v/o work for Taleka. Also did some great workshops and classes, including a mime taster class at Morley College and Casting Shakespeare with CD Annelie Powell, hosted by The Actors Guild. Also busy prepping for the ICAT Shakespeare intensive (see July), for which I successfully auditioned last November!

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JULY 2015

As ever, organising Page to Stage involved a lot of planning, but we had a great event on the 14th. Less than a week later I moved to Bolton, to live and breathe Shakespeare for two intense weeks, run along the lines of RSC rehearsal practice, with ICAT (Independent Centre of Acting Training).

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Pic: the ICAT gang with whom I trained and rehearsed in July, and with whom we performed an ensemble version of The Merchant of Venice at The Swan, Stratford, on 2 August. Trained by RSC actors Adjoa Andoh and Simon Trinder, and NT voice coach Jeanette Nelson. Worked with some lovely fellow actors. An incredible experience.

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Rehearsal shot for More Than This – a comedy of relationships in which I played a doctor going out with a (much) younger man. Brilliant fun. We ran for a week at the Clapham Fringe Festival (14–17 Sept). The storyline prompted much discussion in the bar afterwards! And we had another great Page to Stage.

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Pic: Playing the useless mayor in comic two-hander The Crooked Fork, part of the Talos Science Fiction Theatre Festival at Chelsea Theatre. Also took part in the Deadline Theatre challenge – at 10am actors (cast by showreels) saw scripts for the first time; at 8.30pm we performed off-book to a packed audience. Raising money for a brilliant cause: helping an actor to train in Integrative Child Psychotherapy.

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Page to Stage was founded in 2009 as part of theatre group Artists Anonymous. However, since those early days things have changed direction somewhat - and last month we had an amicable meeting where we agreed that Page to Stage would become an entirely separate initiative. And we went on to have a fab event this month!

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Loved playing a police officer who can't think outside the rule book in a rehearsed reading of new comedy Being John Barrowman at The Bread & Roses. And also loved being part of the Lab Results Show of the London Playwriting Lab (more rehearsed readings) – in one evening, I went from punk rocker to nervous academic to chilled-out Beatnik.

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