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About me: 
Experienced stage + screen actor, and voiceover actor. Love words – love both classic and contemporary texts. Happy to throw myself into challenges; love working collaboratively. Strong sightreader. Strong involvement with new writing (e.g. actor workshopping + performing new work on writing courses at Theatre 503; regular short story actor for Liars League; organiser of Page to Stage).


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I was invited by Spotlight to write a piece explaining how co-ops work in the industry, as part of their informative online series The Essentials. It was a fabulous opportunity to highlight the hard work and professionalism of long-established co-ops. As I am part of a team delivering a workshop about co-ops to drama schools, thoughts on what was useful to know (and how to bust a few myths) were fresh in my mind! Click on the image for a link to the piece, or take a look at the article reproduced here.

Martin Rowson's Plague Songs poetry book was published by Smokestack Books in April 2021, along with a CD featuring a selection from the original 52 Plague Songs tracks. I was thrilled that 2 of my recorded tracks were included.

The full story: During summer 2020 I was invited to record a piece for Plague Songs, a bawdy collection on the politics of Covid-19, written and illustrated by Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson and composed / produced by Jon Tregenna. My piece was 'They've Cancelled Death' (click on skull image, left, and see News 2020: June). Amidst much publicity, Plague Songs launched in July. Check out this great review by Jon Gower at Nation Cymru. In September I was invited back to record a track for the next collection – 'Deathsitting', for Plague Songs: The Second Wave – launched that same month (see News 2020: September). And in January 2021 I recorded 'The Boiling Lake' for the third and final collection, Plague Songs: The New Museum of Shit, which launched in February (see News 2021: February).

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At the end of 2020 I really enjoyed an intense weekend of rehearsing and recording roles in 3 of the 6 winning plays featured in London Playwrights' annual Play Club: The Selections (see News 2020 - November and December). Writers are set the challenge of reading specific well-known plays and then responding with their own pieces. Actors and directors then come on board to perform the 6 winning plays.

Click on the image for each play.


In Be Careful I play a blinkered university lecturer;
Methods of Killing Your Leader I play a Tory civil servant; and in The Gyal is Mama of the Ma I play
a very unhappy 
Grandma. It was great to have
3 entirely different roles! 

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The annual Tolpuddle Martyrs event in Dorset (where processions and performances commemorate Dorset labourers campaigning for a fair wage in the 1830s) could not, of course, take place in 2020. So, instead, London Equity branches came together for an online performance on Saturday 19 July. I was delighted to be part of Clive Greenwood's specially written play The Watchword Liberty, in which I played James Loveless (one of the Tolpuddle Martys), the vicar (Reverend Warren) and a defence lawyer. 

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while back I entered the Shooting People New Shoots competition, showcasing actors and asking for their thoughts on various current industry topics. I was one of the shortlist of nine actors! The winner was drawn randomly from the nine - it wasn't me, but I was still delighted to get such fantastic promotion across their site. (It's already led to a director/writer getting in touch and asking me to do
tableread for his next film.) And congrats to Will Nash for winning.








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