Miranda Harrison

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About me: 
Experienced stage + screen actor, and voiceover actor. Love words – love both classic and contemporary texts. Happy to throw myself into challenges; love working collaboratively. Strong sightreader. Strong involvement with new writing (e.g. actor workshopping + performing new work on writing courses at Theatre 503; regular short story actor for Liars League; organiser of Page to Stage).


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In December 2020, I really enjoyed an intense weekend of rehearsing and recording roles in 3 of
the 6 winning plays featured in London Playwrights' annual 
Play Club: The Selections. Throughout the year, writers are set the challenge of reading specific well-known plays and then responding with their own pieces. Actors and directors then come on board to perform the 6 winning plays.

Click on the image for each play.


In Be Careful I play a university lecturer; in Methods of Killing Your Leader I play Tracy, a Tory civil 

servant; and in The Gyal is Mama of the Ma I play
a very unhappy 
Grandma. It was great to have
3 entirely different roles! 

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They've Cancelled Death

During the summer of 2020, I was delighted to be invited to record a piece for Plague Songs, a bawdy collection of 15 pieces on the politics of Covid-19, written and illustrated by Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson and composed / produced by Jon Tregenna. My piece was 'They've Cancelled Death' (see video link, left). With the haunting soundtrack in my headphones, recording it was a high-energy, hugely enjoyable challenge. Amidst much publicity, Plague Songs launched in July. Check out this great review by Jon Gower at Nation Cymru.

In September I was invited back to record a 2nd track for the next collection – 'Deathsitting', for Plague Songs: The Second Wave – which was launched in September.

And in December I recorded 'The Boiling Lake', which will be part of the third and final collection in 2021.

The annual Tolpuddle Martyrs event in Dorset (where processions and performances commemorate Dorset labourers campaigning for a fair wage in the 1830s) could not, of course, take place this year. So, instead, London Equity branches came together for an online performance on Saturday 19 July. I was delighted to be part of Clive Greenwood's specially written play The Watchword Liberty, in which I played James Loveless (one of the Tolpuddle Martys), the vicar (Reverend Warren) and a defence lawyer. 

while back I entered the Shooting People New Shoots competition, showcasing actors and asking for their thoughts on various current industry topics. I was one of the shortlist of nine actors! The winner was drawn randomly from the nine - it wasn't me, but I was still delighted to get such fantastic promotion across their site. (It's already led to a director/writer getting in touch and asking me to do
tableread for his next film.) And congrats to Will Nash for winning.